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We help hundreds of people each week stop bailiffs from removing their property. Regardless of why the bailiff has contacted you, we can offer help, guidance and support. Whether you have outstanding council tax, utility bills a loan or many other types of bills, we can help.

“In many cases, we can deal with the bailiff directly on your behalf, so you don’t have to speak to them at all”.

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Here’s what some of the people we have already helped have to say.

Thanks for your help Awais

I will admit that I did panic a bit when a bailiff knocked my door. I called Stop Bailiff because I have a friend who used them in the past. I spoke to Awais who instantly calmed me down and took the details of the bailiff and spoke to him for me. Now my debts are in order and I feel 100 times better. Thanks mate πŸ™‚

Brett Albaston

Thank you Dan!

When i called stopbailiff i spoke to a guy called dan who helped me to make sense of the mess i was in with my money and gave me information that stopped the bailiffs and got my debt in order. Thanks mate!

Keith Livingstone.

These guys were great.

Give these guys a call if you have bailiffs at the door and you really dont want to let them in. Stopbailiff spoke to the bailiffs on my behalf and helped me sort out my debt mess. I can now sleep at night. Couldnt recommend them any higher.

Sharon Wilkinson

Debt finally under control.

I was being harrassed by bailiffs when I called stopbailiff who helped me understand my options and stop all of the letters and telephone calls I was getting. My debt is now under control and the whole family is happier.

Louise Cambridge

No where else to turn.

I was sick of receiving letters from bailiffs and couldnt get anywhere when calling their office. I spoke to Ash at Stopbailiff who advised me on what I needed to do to stop the calls. I cant thank them enough.

Stuart Taylor

Help when I needed it.

I had bailiffs at the door when I called for urgent help. As well as calming my nerves Reece told me exactly what I needed to do. I’m now in a payment plan and don’t worry about bailiff visits.

Jennifer Owen

Steps To Stopping A Bailiff –

1. Do not let them in –

Don’t panic, it is your home and you have the right to refuse entry. Lock all doors to prevent entry.

2. Do not sign anything

Do not accept or sign any document that you are handed under any circumstances.

3. Do not be intimidated

You are under no obligation to speak to a bailiff, even if they use threatening language or legal jargon.

4. Contact us right away

Contact us now for assistance, if you have a bailiff at the door please call us on 0161 669 3233

Some of the bailiffs we have stopped

marston holdings, rossendales, jacobs enforcement, newlyn bailffs
bristow & sutor, equita, dcbl, whyte & co bailiff help advice and support
we can help stop a number of bailiffs including marston holdings, newlyn, jacobs, bristow & sutor and dcbl

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