My debt has been passed to a bailiff, what do I do?

If your debt has been passed to a bailiff, you need to take action before you get a knock at the door.

“Bailiffs work on behalf of a number of different types of company and organisations including businesses, banks, the courts and individuals – that’s right, an individual can instruct a bailiff to collect an outstanding debt”.

As well as being advised by whoever you owe money too that a bailiff has been instructed, you should also receive a letter directly from the bailiff advising of their intention to visit your property. This letter from the bailiff is called a ‘notice of enforcement’ and will give you notice of at least 7 days before a bailiff visits your home.

When you receive notice of a bailiffs intention to visit your property or place of work you should immediately do one of the following –

  1. Call us for advice on 0161 527 7531. In most instances we can speak to the bailiff on your behalf and come to an agreement without them visiting your property at all.
  2. Call the company that you owe money too and try to come to an agreement to settle the outstanding amount without the need for bailiff intervention.
  3. Call the bailiff company who have sent you the notice of enforcement and try to agree a payment plan with them to pay back the outstanding amount.

Also, make sure that the details of the company you owe money too, the amount and your name and address details are all correct on any letter that you receive.

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