How to stop 
Marston Bailiffs

Getting contacted by debt collectors or bailiffs can be worrying, especially if you’re not familiar with them and unsure about your rights. 

Here, you can find out about Marston Bailiffs, why they might be contacting you, what they can do about your debt, and most importantly, how to stop them. 

Stop Bailiff Action

If you have received bailiff correspondence addressed to you, we could help.

You have rights against bailiffs and we will help you enforce them.

Who are Marston Bailiffs? 

Marston Holdings, often referred to as Marston or Marston Recovery, is a team of enforcement agents tasked with collecting debts related to County Court Judgments (CCJs). 

Based in Manchester, they represent over 500 clients, including businesses, authorities, and some UK government bodies like HMRC. Their team handles approximately 1.5 million cases annually, operating through a network of over 1,000 enforcement agents. 

Under the Marston Holdings umbrella, 
the following subsidiaries operate:

  • Marston Group
  • Rossendales
  • Swift Credit Services
  • Harrison High Court Enforcement
  • Rossendales Collect
  • Collectica

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What should I do if Marston Bailiffs contact me?

Receiving any form of contact from a bailiff should be taken very seriously. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ll help you put a stop to debt enforcement action and find you a solution that will stop any further action. 

Get in touch with us, and our friendly team will review your income, expenses, and debts to understand your situation better. Then, we’ll suggest the most appropriate debt solutions for you. 

We can also talk to your creditors and stop any more bailiff action. But it’s essential to act now. 

To start managing your debt, 
contact us today or call 0161 527 7531. 

How it works

1  Provide a few brief details using our contact form or by giving us a call

2  We will call you to discuss your circumstances.

3  We help you to decide on the best course of action.

4  We will help you to enforce your rights and guide you through the process you have chosen.

Who do Marston Bailiffs collect for? 

Marston Bailiffs collect debt for High Court Orders.
The most common debt types they collect are:





Loans &
Credit Cards


Tribunal Awards

Why am I being contacted by 
Marston Bailiffs?

If you’ve received a letter, call, or email from Marston Bailiffs, it’s likely related to unpaid debt owed to one of the companies they represent. 

When Marston reaches out, they may start with a letter informing you of their intention to visit your property for debt collection. This notice, known as a notice of enforcement, should clearly state the amount owed and your name 
and address. 

Ignoring this notice could lead to a bailiff visiting your home after seven days. 

While it’s distressing to deal with bailiffs, it’s important to take their communication seriously. 

What actions can Marston Bailiffs take against me? 

 It’s crucial to understand that Marston Bailiffs have more authority than debt collectors when it comes to recovering unpaid debts. 

Typically, bailiffs’ step in after a creditor has taken legal action against you. With court authorisation, they can enter your home, seize belongings, and sell them to settle your debts. 

Additionally, bailiffs can impose charges, including hefty fees and extra costs, for their services in debt recovery, making your financial situation even tougher. 

What can Marston Bailiffs do?

Marston typically gives you at least 7 days’ notice before their first visit, known as the compliance stage. 
You’re not usually required to open your door to a bailiff or allow them inside your home.  

Marstons Bailiffs cannot enter your home:


  • By force, for example by barging past you when you answer the door
  • If only children under 16 or vulnerable people 
(with disabilities, for example) are present
  • Between 9pm and 6am
  • Through anything except the door, so they can’t climb in through a window

If you do not let a bailiff in or agree to pay them:


  • They could take things from outside your home, for example your car, bike or van.
  • They will charge an enforcement fee.

What happens if I let Marston Bailiffs into my home? 

You should never allow a bailiff into your home. Once they gain peaceful entry, they can return and attempt to take your possessions. If you let them in, it can be challenging to get them to leave without taking your belongings. 

In some cases, they might even tow or clamp your vehicle, although exceptions apply if you use a blue badge, share ownership, or have a hire agreement. 

Marston Bailiffs have the authority to take various items from your home, including:
  • Your TV and any gaming consoles
  • Jewellery, ornaments, and antiques
  • Any cash you have on the premises
However, bailiffs cannot take:
  • Items necessary for your work, like tools, a computer, 
or a work vehicle
  • Essential items for living, such as your cooker, clothing, 
or fridge
  • Your children’s toys or household pets

Some of the bailiffs we have stopped

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